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Conference Program, “Reconfiguring Authorship”

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The registration desk will be open as follows:

Thursday, Nov 15, 3–4.40pm
Friday, Nov 16, 8-9am & 12–1pm
Saturday, Nov 17, 8-9.30am & 12–1pm
Sunday, Nov 18, 9-9.30am

All talks will take place at Het Pand (Onderbergen 1, Gent); other events as indicated.

Follow the conference on Twitter: #RA12 (live conference archive here)

Thursday, November 15

4-4.30pm Welcome and Opening Remarks

4.30-5.45pm Keynote Talk: Gillian Beer (University of Cambridge), “The Reader as Author”
Chair and Moderator: Marysa Demoor (Ghent University)

6pm Opening Reception

Friday, November 16

9-10.15am Session 1

Authorial Performances
Chair: Anders Johansson (Umeå University)
Laura Michiels (Free University of Brussels), “Performing Authors: Appropriation and Authorship in Tennessee Williams’s Clothes for a Summer Hotel”
Heather Marcovitch (Red Deer College), “Christopher Isherwood’s Berlin Stories: Performance, Politics, Poetics”
Mark Sutton (The University of Sydney), “‘I’m Beginning To Hear Voices’: Authorial Plurality In Bob Dylan’s Recent Work”

Chair: Sarah Creel (Simon Fraser University)
Deborah C. Payne (American University), “Performing Restoration Dramatic Authorship”
Sarah Herbe (University of Salzburg), “‘And every day new Authors doe appeare…’: The Presentation of Poets in the Front Matter of Seventeenth-Century Poetry Collections”

Chair: Olaf Simons (Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg)
Vasilios Harisis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), “Diva Writers: the Case of Black Female Celebrity ‘Autobiography’”
Detlef Wagenaar (independent scholar), “Into the Public Eye: the Professional Author as a Celebrity”

Female Authorship
Chair: Marianne Van Remoortel (Ghent University)
Alexandra Wagner (Humboldt University Berlin), “‘I shall at least have it all my own way’ – The Diary of Alice James and the Performance of Female Authorship at the End of the 19th Century”
Sonjeong Cho (Seoul National University), “Female Authorship Interrupted: Pseudonymity in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre and the Victorian Literary Scene”

10.15-10.45am Coffee Break

10.45am-12pm Keynote Talk: Margaret Ezell (Texas A&M University), “Dying to be Read”
Chair and Moderator: Sandro Jung (Ghent University)

12-1pm Lunch

1-2.15pm Session 2

The Marketplace
Chair: Mark Vareschi (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Natasha Simonova (University of Edinburgh), “Passing Through Vanity Fair: The Pilgrim’s Progress in the Marketplace”
Naomi Waltham-Smith (University of Pennsylvania), “Haydn’s Auctoritas and his London Symphonies”
Laurel Brake (Birkbeck, University of London), “The ‘Pater’ Projects: Anonymity, Signature, Agency, Reprints and Collections”

Chair: Heather Marcovitch (Red Deer College)
An Goris (Catholic University Leuven), “Reconfiguring an Authorless Genre: Nora Roberts and Popular Romance”
Chris Louttit (Radboud University Nijmegen), “‘In my somewhat disjointed narrative’: Writing the Life of the Victorian Bohemian Author”
Gero Guttzeit (Justus-Liebig-University Gießen), “How to Author: Figurations of Writerhood in Poe's Works”

Chair: Jasper Schelstraete (Ghent University)
Elena Sawal (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz), “Collaborative Authorship and Cultural Networks in Authors’ Carnivals: The Case of Gendered Agency”
Melisa Klimaszewski (Drake University), “The Perils of Certain English Collaborators: Dickens and Collins”
Alise Jameson (Ghent University), "Constructions of Authorship"

2.15-2.45pm Coffee Break

2.45-4pm Keynote Talk: Dubravka Ugresic, “100 Tips To Kill An Author”
Chair and Moderator: Stijn Vervaet (Ghent University)

4-4.15pm Break

4.15-5.30pm Session 3

Hands, Typewriters, Keyboards
Chair: Yuri Cowan (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Rex Ferguson (University of Birmingham), “In One’s Own Hand: Handwriting, Fingerprinting, Typewriting”
Dorothy Butchard (University of Edinburgh), “‘We sit in front of our computers... and try to ignore each other’: Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries and the Representation of Collaborative Authorship in Digital Poetry”
Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen (University College London), “Prosthetic Authorship: Henry James, Masculinity and Typewriting”

Authorial Self-Invention
Chair: Francesca Benatti (The Open University)
Adam White (University of Manchester), “A “Romantic Peasant Poet”? Versions of John Clare as Author”
Andrea P. Balogh (Catholic University Leuven), “Configurations of the Romantic Poet in Harold Pinter’s Authorial Self-Fashioning”
Sonja Longolius (Free University Berlin), “Staging the Author: Jonathan Safran Foer's Self-Invention as Author”

Saturday, November 17

9.30-11am Session 4

Chair: Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen (University College London)
Dirk Van Hulle (University of Antwerp), “Authorial Invention: A Genetic Approach to Editing Samuel Beckett’s Writings”
Richard Smiraglia (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) & Hur-Li Lee (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), “Authors as Icons: Attribution and Collocation in the Bibliographic Tradition”
Corina Koolen (University of Amsterdam), “Measuring the Distance Between a Writer and an Author”

Authorial Personae
Chair: Dorothy Butchard (University of Edinburgh)
Sean G. Ferrier (Villanova University), “Personae and Perspective: Problematizations of Writing in Douglas Coupland”
Zita Farkas (Umeå University), “Writers Website: Fashioning the Authorial Personae through the Internet”
Despoina Feleki (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), “Steven King's Authorial Persona: From Print to Digital Environments”

Chair: Jennifer Scott (Simon Fraser University)
Mark Vareschi (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Anonymity and the Myth of Motive”
Tamara Gosta (American University of Kuwait), “The Great Unknown: The Author of Waverley, Sir Walter Scott, and Authorial Performativity”
Olaf Simons (Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg) & Anna Auguscik (Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg), “Performing Authorship between Empowerment and Containment: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Literary Win-Win Situations”

11-11.30am Coffee Break

11.30am-12.45pm Keynote Talk: Paul St. Amour (University of Pennsylvania), “Your Right to What’s Mine: On Personal Intellectual Property”
Chair and Moderator: Gert Buelens (Ghent University)

1-2pm Lunch

2-3.30pm Session 5

Fan Fiction
Chair: Mark Sutton (The University of Sydney)
Alexandra Herzog (University of Regensburg), “‘It’s my story and I said so’: Author Constructions in Fanfiction Writing”
Bettina Soller (Georg-August University Göttingen), “Collaborative and Solitary Authorship in Online Fan Fiction Writing”
Veerle Van Steenhuyse (Ghent University), “Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in Cyberspace: Charting the Storytelling Practices of Online Fan Writing”

New Modes of Publishing
Chair: Anna Auguscik (Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg)
Heiko Zimmermann (University of Trier), “Reconfigurations of Author- and Readership in the Textual Action Space of Digital Literature: Proposal of a Pragmatic Model”
Cigdem Y. Mirol (Ghent University), “Bookperformance: The Best of All Possible Worlds”
W. Scott Howard (University of Denver), “WYSIWYG POETICS: Reconfiguring the Fields for Creative Writers & Scholars”

Transnational Authorship
Chair: Natasha Simonova (University of Edinburgh)
Jennifer Scott (Simon Fraser University), “Transatlantic Authorship and Print Culture as a Colonial Export Commodity”
Sandra Mayer (University of Vienna), “The Importance of Being a Literary Commodity: Trading Oscar Wilde in the Theatrical Marketplace”
Elisabeth Bekers (Free University of Brussels), “Writing from the Margins: Authorship in Black British Neo-Slave Narratives”

Influence & Belatedness
Chair: Sarah Herbe (University of Salzburg)
Ladina Bezzola Lambert (University of Basel /Collegium Helveticum, Zürich), “Authorizing Belatedness in Shakespeare’s The Rape of Lucrece”
Francesco Chianese (Università di Napoli L'Orientale), “Rewriting Literary Fatherhood : Postmodern Writers and Postmodern Authorship”

3.30-4pm Coffee Break

4-5.15pm Keynote Talk: Richard Wilson (Kingston University), “The Picture of Nobody: Shakespeare’s Anti-Authorship”
Chair and Moderator: Ingo Berensmeyer (Justus-Liebig-University Gießen/Ghent University)

6pm Conference Dinner

Sunday, November 18

9.30-11am Session 6

Reshaping Tradition
Chair: Sarah Posman (Ghent University)
Nanne Buurman (independent scholar and curator), “Curating the Self. Autobiographies as Exhibitions of Authorship”
Christian Klöckner (University of Bonn), “Paul Auster’s Leviathan and the Author’s Anarchical Responsibility”
Bart Eeckhout (University of Antwerp), “Queering the Discursive Construction of a British Poet: Metonymy and Desire in Alan Hollinghurst’s The Stranger’s Child”

Reviewing & Reception
Chair: Chris Louttit (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Francesca Benatti (The Open University), “English Bards and Unknown Reviewers: In Search of the Author of the Christabel Review”
Brian Bates (University of Colorado, Boulder), “Keats’s Authorial Play: Reviewing, Drama and Poetics”
Andrea Selleri (University of Warwick), “Authors against Authorialism: The Case of Oscar Wilde”

Theorising Authors
Chair: An Goris (Catholic University Leuven)
John Gouws (North-West University), “The Logic of Authorial Agency”
Anders Johansson (Umeå University), “Reconfiguring Authorship – Consolidating Subjectivity”
Rachel Darling (King’s College London), “Paper Authors - The Author Construct”

11-11.30am Coffee Break

11.30am-12pm Concluding Remarks

[12-2pm Lunch, not catered]

[2pm Begin optional guided tour of Ghent and visit to the City Museum (STAM)]

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