Yuri Cowan

English Studies
Department of Literature
Ghent University
Blandijnberg 2

9000 Ghent




Yuri Cowan's post-doctoral research concentrates on nineteenth-century poetry, historiography, medievalism, and the history of the book.  In his doctoral dissertation at the University of Toronto (2008), entitled William Morris and Medieval Material Culture, he traced Morris's relationship to a Victorian historiography of everyday life as it is revealed in the artefacts of the past (particularly in the text and material forms of books from romances to cookbooks and wills, but also in descriptions of cups, candles, garments, and tools).  He has published articles on Morris's adaptation of the fourteenth-century dream-vision form; on George MacDonald and the Aesthetic Movement; on the ways in which the material form and paratexts of William Allingham's Ballad Book reveal its probable intended readerships; and (forthcoming) on the colourful history of Victorian fantasy reprints in the 1970s.   He is currently researching the relationship of editorship to authorship, especially with regard to the history of nineteenth-century editions of ballads and medieval texts; he has also submitted an article theorizing the relationship of material bibliography to digital editions and archives to a forthcoming refereed essay collection on the social dynamics of scholarly editing, and is revising another article that describes the compilation and publication history of a Victorian manual of rural sports by the sporting writer William Hamilton Maxwell.